Dental Insurance

Your dental insurance plan is a contract between you and the insurance company, not between the company and your dentist. As the patient, you alone authorize your dentist to treat you.

All dental plans are different and usually do not cover the entire cost of your dentistry. Patients are solely responsible for any fees not covered by their insurance policies.

Please provide us with your insurance information so that our office can help submit your claim electronically to your insurance company on your behalf. Most patients receive their reimbursement from their insurance carrier within 3-5 business days.

For major treatment, a pre-authorization estimate form will be provided for you which can be submitted to your insurance company to assist you in determining your coverage. They will advise you of how much your dental plan covers. Please contact our office once a pre-determination has been made to reserve your appointment times.

Some dental insurances cover 50-80% of the cost of crown, bridge, denture or orthodontic treatment. Implant treatments are not listed as covered expense. However some plans may apply an alternative benefit, in which case would be the cost of a fixed bridge or a removable denture.